Throughout history of mankind, there's a weird coincidence that might STUNNED you. Is it really COINCIDENCE? Or its the reincarnation of events? Now, its up to you.
Coincidence of Abraham Lincoln & John F. Kennedy

JFK = John F.Kennedy
A.Lincoln = Abraham Lincoln

  • Abraham Lincoln Elected congress in 1846 while John F. Kennedy in 1946.
Do some MATH, the difference is 100! 100 years!

  • Abraham Lincoln Elected President in 1860 while John F. Kennedy in 1960.
Again, do MATH, its 100 years difference!

Civil Rights
  • Both concerned with CIVIL RIGHTS

Lost Child
  • While living the WHITE HOUSE, both wives lost a child
  • Both were from southerners
  • John Wilkens Booth who assassinated A. Lincoln, Born on 1839
  • Lee Harvey Oswald who assassinated JFK born on 1939.
Notice that the difference is still 100.
  • Both Assassins had 3 names
  • Both Assassins composed of 15 letters
  • Both killers were assassinated before their trials.
Day Shot
  • Both were shot on FRIDAY
Bullet hit
  • Both were hit at the of their HEAD with the presence of their wives.
  • A. Lincoln had a secretary named Kennedy, and JFK had a secretary named Lincoln.
Shot Place

  • A. Lincoln show at the theater named "FORD" while JFK was shot in a "Lincoln" car made by Ford
  • Week before being shot. A. Lincoln was in the Monroe Maryland while JFK was with Marilyn Monroe.
  • A. Lincoln shot in theater the killer ran to a warehouse while JFK was being shot from warehouse and ran to the theater.

Dont Panic! :)

  • They were succeeded by a named Johnson

Successors Birth Year
  • Andrew Johnson who was  a successor of A. Lincoln BORN on 1808.
  • Andrew Johnson who was a successor of JFK BORN on 1908.

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